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The West German Prostate Center is one of the largest centers for prostate cancer in Europe. Since 2002 the Center offers the full range of diagnostics, treatments, and patient care for prostate diseases. The combination of experienced specialists under one roof, the long-standing experience, and collaborative approach allows for patient care at the highest level.

Whether you want to come for preventive treatment, unclear symptoms, or a known disease, you should always feel like you receive good advice, are treated well, and are sufficiently informed!

The focus of the Centre is the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia with modern surgery / laser procedures, innovative techniques of brachytherapy, and external radiation therapy.

The Website of the West German Prostate Center will inform you comprehensively about prostate carcinoma und die benign prostate enlargement as well as the related examinations and possible therapies.

If you have questions, we would appreciate your contacting us.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Center!


Sex nach Prostata-OP

Sexualstörungen nach der radikalen Entfernung der Prostata häufig aber wenig beachtet. Viele Patienten fürchten nach einer Prostatakrebs-OP den Verlust eines erfüllten Sexuallebens. 

How often does incontinence occur after surgery?

“Men diagnosed with prostate cancer are still not thoroughly informed about urinary incontinence as a consequence of surgery prior to undergoing the procedure,” complains Dr. Stephan Neubauer, Urologist at the West German Prostate Center. 

Prostate cancer: PSA test sparks criticism

"PSA testing is useless and sometimes even dangerous“  ?  a statement that is frequently incorrectly transported by the media, lately even in the broadcast of the RBB Politmagazine Kontraste "Early detection for prostate cancer: The business of fear."

ESTRO: Brachytherapy achieves excellent results

Internal radiation – more effective, safe, and cost efficient than radical surgery
Urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, impotence? Especially for younger patients with prostate cancer the expected adverse effects play crucial role in the selection of therapy.  

Prostate Cancer with 75

Who benefits from a treatment and who does not?
Is it worthwhile for 75-year-old men to undergo a therapy of prostate cancer or are the elderly better off with a wait and see approach? 

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